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Cat Cave

Top 8 Benefits of Having a Felt Dog Bed
As a loving pet owner, we know dogs are more than just pets- they are a cherished family member. We understand the significance of our canine's health, especially during rest and sleep. It's not just about their comfort but also their physical well-being. Instead of leaving our furry friends to lie on the cold floor, which can lead to structural issues, why not invest in a high-quality dog bed that promotes their health?
5 ways to spoil your cat by creating a sanctuary at home

Discover ways to transform your home into a cat paradise with these five exciting tips! From cozy corners to interactive toys, window seats, elevated heights, and ideal scents, learn ways to cater to your cat's instincts and create a sanctuary they'll love. Prioritize your cat's comfort and well-being while strengthening the bond between you and your whiskered companion.

Why do cats like wool? 5 Reasons Behind (2022)
What is it about wool that gets the cat’s attention to play with it? Is it because the wools are natural and cats love natural products or is it be...
5 Benefits of Buying a Felt Cat Cave.
Have you considered how felt cat caves could improve your feline friend’s life? All they would ask you for is warmth and a cosy place to hide in bu...
Is your cat struggling with boredom?

Do you wonder what your cats might be doing when you leave for your work? In your absence, they will embark on their quest to explore more or enjoy themself resting in the felt cat cave. Can your cats be overstimulated? Benefits of having cat toys. 

How to clean your cat cave?

Concerned about cleaning your cat cave in no time? Well, we got you the quick, most effortless solution for your wool-felt cat cave. Just dust off the dirt with a wet cloth. Also, you can take a vacuum and take the dirt out. Putting them in the washing machine will obviously alter their size. Let it dry in the sun. 

5 Best Indoor Cat House at Whiskers Home in 2022
The wool cat caves are eco-friendly,  made of 100% organic merino wool, stain-resistant and more durable. It provides them with a great deal of privacy to enjoy their me-ow time. Cleanliness is not a concern for this felt cat caveI list down the top 5 best caves for 2022. 

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