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Why do cats like wool? 5 Reasons Behind (2022)

Why do cats like wool? 5 Reasons Behind (2022)
What is it about wool that gets the cat’s attention to play with it? Is it because the wools are natural and cats love natural products or is it because wool is the only material that gives them warmth? Well, while making a comparison between wool vs synthetics, wool is the best choice you can make for your cat to give them warmth. Besides these, there are other interesting reasons why a cat loves wool. 
  1. Wool traps heat from the cat's body.

    Wool itself doesn’t conduct heat from the surroundings but it traps the air between its fibres. This trapped air prevents heat from passing from the cat’s body into the surrounding environment. Thus keeping them warm. And because it provides warmth to the cat, they’d obviously love the wool. You might have clearly noticed how your furr baby sleeps peacefully inside the cat cave

  2. Wool is a trigger for them. 

    Cats are the perfect hunters. They love to play predator vs prey. So, wool works as a trigger for them. Slowly, they pounce over the wool and catch it like prey. Cats' natural state of mind is one of curiosity, and this stimulates that state when they're out hunting.

  3. Heard about lanolin?

    Well, Lanolin is a  waxy substance that sheep and other animals secrete. The fragrance that it gives reminds them of their mother's milk or the scent of fur. Lanolin is a popularly used ingredient in many human cosmetic products. Also, Lanolin gives wool anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties, meaning wool will be resistant to bacteria and other microbes. The smell triggers the predatory response of your feline.

  4. Wool works like a thermostat

    A thermostat is a device that identifies the change in temperature and maintains the temperature. Wool brilliantly does the work of thermostats thus the cats can experience more warmth.

  5. Wool attracts cat hair

    Wool attracts cat hair which is why cats claim belongingness and feel attached. It helps them regulate their body temperature.

These are the wonderful reasons why a cat loves wool. Check out the collections of Whisker’s Home to shop one for your furry friend.

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