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Hello, fellow cat butlers. Welcome to Whisker’s Home where you can find premium pet products with 100% Wool exclusively imported from New Zealand.

On the beautiful journey of felting, we were quite intrigued by a majestic creature called cats. Being an animal lover myself, it was my newfound love. While we were selling endless varieties of felt products, we loved creating a sacred world for the fur babies. And we also wanted to venture out to the world of selling toys and beds for not only cats but even for dogs and other pets.

What piqued my interest to open a shop that revolves around making and selling pet products. Our cat caves hands down are made by the most proficient artisans from Nepal. Most of our artisans are women who seek independence and empowerment. Our company aims to create a revolutionary place for women of Nepal to not only have job opportunities but also fulfill their passion for crafting. So, trading with us, you can help us create more opportunities to help and reach out to more women in Nepal who are in need and create a sustainable community for Women in Nepal.

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