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Is your cat struggling with boredom?

Is your cat struggling with boredom?
Do you wonder what your cats might do when you leave them for work? In your absence, they will embark on their quest to explore more or enjoy themself resting in the felt cat cave. Some of your cats might be scratching on the walls or breaking into the kitchen to get the food.

Why so? Before that we see what we have in this blog:

  • Reasons behind a change in your cat’s behaviour

  • Benefits of cat toys
  • Can your cats be overstimulated?

  • 4 different types of cat toys

  • Common FAQs about cat toys

Reasons behind a change in your cat’s behaviour :

1. Lack of mental enrichment:

It's a common misconception that keeping a cat indoors protects it from dangers like cars and larger animals, but in reality, indoor cats miss out on a lot of exciting experiences. Due to this, your furr-end fall sort of mental stimulation.

2. Poor physical fitness:


It is not enough to just let your cat sit on the couch and watch TV but to also allow it to be active enough to exercise its brain and body as well.

3. Away from the real world

Your cat is constantly in need of investigating new every time. So, as to fulfil those demands, they take a round over your bedrooms. Sometimes, even peeing on your bed. That’s terrible but you have to deal with this. I feel the struggle you face during those times.


Just owing a cat is not enough to provide them with a better living. Instead of being a cat owner, be their parent gifting them with fish cat toys so they do not feel bored. 

Benefits of having cat toys:

1. Decreased anxiety:


Cats may experience tension and anxiety when introduced to a new cat member or while relocating to a new home. Anxiety in cats can be just as difficult to manage as it is for people. A cat's tension, anxiety, and loneliness can be reduced by keeping them occupied with playtime and a variety of toys.

2. Flexibility:


Bringing up cats in your home and letting them sit like couch potatoes doesn’t seem to be a good thing to do. At least for them, make a getaway playing with cat toys. And yes! They always seek to be doing something. 

3. Improves the bond between the owner and the cat: 


Well, you might be comparing having a greater affinity with your doggie and not with the cat but it is true that if you spend time with your cat, you’ll build some connection too. Condense those gaps between you and fulfilling them with cat toys.

4. Mental stimulation:


Cats are full of curiosity and they love challenging themself. Even if you do not captivate them with something, they’ll find their way of energizing themself.  Research shows that the cat’s mental capability equals a 2-year-old toddler. Then, you’d not want to keep your feline faded.

    Can your cats be overstimulated? 

    Some of the cat parents are fond of pampering their furr- babies with toys and enjoy playing with them. But just as humans get overstimulated so do the cats as well. Do not confuse your cat with petting them or overstimulating them with toys. Signs include twitching, scratching the wall, and pupils starting to dilate, walking away and lying down and a low growl. 

    Now, I’ll list down some of the cat toys that can help out your cat. You can find lots of cat toys for your cat and finding the best one for them is a lot of confusion. Based on the cat’s playing activity, you can choose what toys to gift. 

    4 Different types of cat toys:

    1. Catnip Toy: 

    To clarify, catnip is a small herb of the mint family given in the dried form. It stimulates their sense and calms down your feline. If your cat is interactive and loves playing around with the toy, catnip is a good choice. She’s going to move around where the rattle ball goes.

    What you can do is:

    • Take a felt sheet

    • Cut it into the heart shape.

    • Take a polyester and pour 1g of catnip into it.

    • Now, sew the heart-shaped sheet and put catnip inside.

    2. Felted Mice

    Your cat seems to get a lot of enjoyment when they run after the mice and catch them. They assume the mice as their prey and obviously will be delighted to hunt them. That’s what Tom and Jerry are made for.  I can picture how your cat’s gonna jump over the mouse. 

    3. Scratching post:

    Cats love scratching to show excitement or stress, remove the dead part of their nails, and get a good stretch. Remember to have this on your home as it is natural for the cats to scratch unless they have any skin problems. Undoubtedly, once in a while, cats scratch at your sofas or wherever it is comfortable. On top of everything, it is horrible to see how the sofas turned out and how the polyester leaked.

    4. Cardboard boxes:

    Games like cardboard boxes help the kittens in their brain development and make their mind sharp. To make them aware and more interactive, come up with cardboard boxes even if you are away from home.
    All in all, these toys are going to enrich them with full-time entertainment and get away from the boredom your feline might face. 

    Common FAQs about cat toys:

    • Are felt cat toys safe for cats?
      Yes, felted cat toys are made safe for cats.

    • How do you make felt cat toys?
      First of all, take a sheet of wool. Pour little soapy water into the wool. Shape it with your hand and roll it over until it gives a thick texture and then let it dry. In addition, you can add feathers by sewing them with a needle.

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