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How to clean your cat cave?

How to clean your cat cave?

Concerned about cleaning your cat cave in no time? Well, we got you the quick, most effortless solution for your wool-felt cat cave


Everyday cleaning:

  • Just dust off the dirt with a wet cloth. There might be hairs of your feline on the cat cave. Take a brush and start rubbing the cat cave to take out the cat hairs. 

  • The next option is to take a stick. Then beat on the cat cave so that the dust comes out. Do not forget to put on a mask while doing this. 

  • Also, you can take a vacuum and take the dirt out. You will have no difficulty completing the task at hand.

    Cleaning your felt cat cave when it is too dirty:

  • Sometimes, your felt cat cave is much stained and you can’t clean it with a wet cloth. Well, in this case, we actually do not advise you to just wash it but if it is too dirty then put it in the washing machine. 

  • Putting them in the washing machine will obviously alter their size. But no worries. With your hands, pat on it and give it a shape. It might look flattened. So, you can put some plastics inside it so that it thickens again into its shape. 

  • Let it dry in the sun. This takes a little more time(about 12-14 hrs). 

However, there are some points where you need to be considerate while cleaning the cat cave:

  • Do not rub it heavily. 

  • Do not use firm brushes that might damage your felt cat cave. 

  • Do not use bleach in the washing machine.

  • To dry out quickly, you might have used a hair dryer. I request you not to do that. Instead, you can use a dryer ball. 


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